урока английского языка в 4 классе по теме:


Цель: отработка и закрепление лексического материала по теме «Еда» и грамматического материала «much, many, a lot of»; систематизация и обобщение учебного материала по данной теме.


1.    Обобщение  и систематизация материала по теме «Food».

2.    Повторение тематической лексики с употреблением в различных учебно-речевых ситуациях. Совершенствование навыков говорения, чтения и письма.

3.    Развитие речи учащихся.

4.    Формирование нравственных качеств личности (уважительное отношение к семье, развитие чувства прекрасного).

5. Отработка грамматического материала при помощи упражнений.

Этапы урока:

  1. Этап. Организационный момент

  2. Этап. Создание проблемной ситуации

  3. Этап. Этап целеполагания

  4. Этап. Учебные действия по реализации плана

- Речевая зарядка

- Отработка лексических навыков. Выполнение упражнений на закрепление.

- Отработка навыков чтения

- Физкультминутка

- Отработка грамматики: «much, many, a lot of»

5. Этап. Домашнее задание.

  1. Этап. Рефлексия (итог урока).

Ход урока:

^ I Этап. Организационный момент

- Good morning, dear boys and girls. At first, let me introduce myself.

(Затем учитель передаёт клубок ученику, задавая вопрос)

«What is your name?» Ученик отвечает и передаёт клубок следующему. Цепочка продолжается пока клубок не возвращается к учителю. Учитель начинает сматывать клубок со словами: It is very nice to meet you and to see you. I am glad to be with you today and I hope that you are glad to meet me too. How are you?

^ II Этап. Создание проблемной ситуации

- At this lesson we will speak about something interesting. Do you want to learn about what?

- Ok, let’s guess the crossword. After this, you should tell me the problem of our lesson. Are you ready?


























  1. In the morning people usually have …

  2. People like to drink tea with …

  3. The colour of this fruit is orange. It is …

  4. People like to eat soup with …

- And what do you think? What is the problem of our lesson? Oh, you are right – «Food».

III Этап. Этап целеполагания.

  • The lesson will be unusual and with a surprise. Today we will speak about food, about your favourite products and at the end of our lesson we will do a test. Ok, let’s start.

^ IV Этап. Учебные действия по реализации плана.

Фонетическая зарядка

Речевая зарядка

- Do you like mango?

- Do you like beans?

-Do you like tea with lemon or without?

- Do you like coffee?

-What fruits do you like?

- What vegetables do you like?

- Do you like sandwich?

-What do you like most: biscuits or cakes?

^ Отработка навыков чтения

Oh, I’ve almost forgotten. My mother left me a note. (Учитель случайно находит записку от мамы). My mum asks me to buy some food. Could you help me to read the note?

«My dear daughter. Go to the shop and buy products for supper. You can buy what you want. Kiss, your mum.»

Отработка лексических навыков. Выполнение упражнений на закрепление.

  • Oh, boys and girls. What should I buy?

  • I must go to the shop. Do you want to go with me?

  • Ok, let’s go. (Подходим к столу «Shop»)

  • What will we buy? You should come to the table and put the products into this basket. And name them.


A cucumber


A lemon





An onion

A potato



A tomato




A carrot

-Thank you very much for your help. And now look at the screen. Repeat these words after me.

- And now I need your help again. Can you put these products into the refrigerator? You should divide some of these products into the following groups: fruits, vegetables and drinks.

- …

  • Oh, thank you very much. The products are in refrigerator now. And my mum will be pleased with my work.


Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap your hands together.
Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet
Stamp your feet together!

Touch, touch, touch your ears,
Touch your ears together.
Touch, touch, touch your cheeks, 
Touch your cheeks together!

Shake, shake, shake your hands, 
Shake your hands together.
Smile, smile at your friends,
Let us smile together!

Отработка грамматики «much, many»

We have remembered the words and now let's revise grammar words: much, many, a lot of.


  1. Are there much/many oranges on the tree?

  2. There isn’t much/many bread for my sandwich.

  3. I need a lot of/much tomatoes to make a salad.

  4. Do you need much/many butter for the cake?

  5. How much/many salt are there?

Now guess the riddles.

  1. It is yellow, not sweet. I drink tea with it. (a lemon)

  2. It is yellow. Monkeys like to eat it. (cheese)

  3. It is orange and long. Rabbits like to eat it. (a carrot)

  4. It is green, big and round. Rabbits and goats like it. (cabbage)

  5. To smile in the photographs we say “----” (cheese)

  6. Mickey Mouse likes it very much. ( cheese)

And finish the sentences, please.

  1. Вкуснотища – Very good! Пищу называют – food.

  2.         Это вовсе не каприз, сыр мы называем – cheese.

  3.        Мясо жарится, шкварчит, мясо по-английски – meat.

  4.        Масло нужно всем ребятам. Масло по-английски – butter.

  5.        Без соли борщ не лезет в рот. Соль по-английски – просто salt.

  6.         Ведро воды не принесете? Вода, водичка будет – water.

  7.        Слива тут и слива – там. Слива по-английски – plum.

  8.         Виноград мы съели весь. Виноград – иначе grapes.

V Этап. Рефлексия (итог урока).

  • Ok. You will eat and drink your juices after this lesson. And now tell me please. Did you like the lesson? What did you learn at this lesson? What do you remember? Look at the screen. You see apples on the table. And you see the plates. You should put this apples on these plates. But the red apple means that the lesson was excellent. The yellow apple means that the lesson was good. And the green apple means that the lesson was bad. Please, put these apples on the plates.

  • Now we can see the result of our lesson. We have so many red apples, that's why I can say we have spent our time usefully. Thank you for your work. …, you know many words. …, your work was excellent. …, I’ m pleased with your answers. Thank you for today’s lesson.

VI Этап. Домашнее задание.

You should tell about your favourite products and describe one of them.

Будьте вежливы и не забывайте
Прощаясь, говорите good bye.
Good bye, Good bye,
Good bye to you.
Good bye, dear children

I was glad to work with you.